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Linnea Lucifer, Captain

Anchor’s Aweigh

Welcome aboard my imaginary, yet very real, pirate ship, the Resilience; home to a slowly growing group of merry revolutionaries, aka indie authors, and our friends and passengers. But first things first: We sent you this email because you signed up on our website, or one of our sign-up pages, to receive news from As We Write, F.K. Marlowe, Leto Armitage, M.W. McLeod, the Resilience or yours truly. And guess what? That is exactly what we have in store for you.

Today, the 6th of April, 2023, it’s one year to the day since we set up camp and invited a motley crew of writers over from our tent at Camp NaNoWriMo. A lot has happened since then, and we are all excited to start sharing it with you in our weekly Ship’s Log. But that’s not all…

Editorial Calendar

As a subscriber, you will receive a weekly Thursday email from us, with a gentle Sunday reminder in case you had a busy week. These emails are penned by me personally, or by one of my three Quarterdeck messmates as you can see below.

This means that the author you signed up with will write to you once every four weeks. The other three weeks, the weekly update will come from someone else even though the sender is technically still the same. Here’s what we have to offer:

Linnea Lucifer, Week 1

Captain of the Resilience, amateur liar and bearer of many names. Linnea is a multi-genre author who writes fantasy, romance and Sweet’n’Spicy spoonie smut under different pen names. An ancient dragon lady who doubles as a writing coach, editor and desktop publisher.

Leto Armitage, Week 3

The Quartermaster, in his own words, is a simple man of simple pleasures, but don’t forget: Two things can be true! Leto is not only a certified geek and living encyclopedia – he’s also a multi-genre author, storyteller and content creator who writes fantasy, sci-fi, romance and erotica.

F.K. Marlowe, Week 2

Our Ship’s Belle is also known as The Belledame and Queen of Creepy for a reason. This sweet social media butterfly lures you in you with poetry and pretty pictures, but make no mistake. Belle’s horror stories will make your skin crawl, but only in a good way. Of course…

M.W. McLeod, Week 4

The Ship’s Sea Witch is our resident master of spreadsheets, cards and dice. Marie is the multi-genre behind the Beyond the Veil series, and the content creator behind the excellent sock puppet theatre featuring the adorkable demon Zengrunath and other characters from her books.

Recurring Features

As a subscriber, you will receive a weekly Thursday email from us, with a gentle Sunday reminder in case you’ve had a busy week. These emails are penned by me personally, or by one of my three Quarterdeck messmates as you can see below.

Ship’s Logs
An old pirate ship desk in dark wood with some old coins, ropes, a candle and a parchment roll with the words "ship's log" and the image of a pirate ship on the front

Our Ship’s Log comes with news and updates from the Resilience, As We Write, the NPC camp, Hotel de Ville and all other areas of our world. We take turns penning the logs and we send them out to you on Thursdays. When you sign up to one of our mailing lists, you get the Ship’s Log included in your subscription.

Smugglers Cove

Our e-magazine, Smuggler’s Cove, is this year’s Easter Egg. She comes on a Sunday filled with news from our writers’ camp and upcoming readers’ retreat hotel. Smugglers also features more articles, author interviews, book recs and reviews, activity sheets and other goodies we hope you’ll enjoy.

Bottle Posts

On Sundays when there’s no Smugglers, we send out a Bottle Post with a weekly roundup. This is mainly to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, but we also allow crew and passengers to chuck the odd bottle over the railing, so you never know for sure what a Sunday email from us may have inside.

Next Port of Call…

Well, would you look at that? We’ve made it all the way to the end. Yes, my friend, that was all I had to share with you today. Next week, our Ship’s Belle, F.K. Marlowe will be here to regale you with the latest from her world of creepy mysteries, YA fiction and random musings from her dog walks somewhere in the Canadian woodlands.

If you celebrate Easter, Eostre, Spring, April or Life, I wish you a wonderful weekend with lots of the things that make your life good. For me, that would be a steady supply of tea, Brandon Sanderson’s latest, and finishing Book 2, Sweet & Spicy, in the Pet’s Penance series. If you’re the kind of person who don’t, I wish you well just the same. We all deserve a slice of happiness in our lives.

Thank you very much! For spending this time with me, for supporting our authors, for reading our news and being our friend. And before I go, let me remind you:

You’ve got this! I believe in you.

Much love and many blessings,

//Linnea 🖤🏴‍☠️

a blue ship's door with the sign "LINNEA LUCIFER"

Linnea Lucifer is the Captain of an imaginary pirate ship, a weaver of stories, and a certified pain in the arse.

Named after a delicate little flower that grows in mossy, Swedish pine forests, and a fiery fallen angel, she takes great pleasure in everything that tickles the senses and adds a sprinkle of magic and spice to our world.

When Linnea’s not busy commanding the Resilience, or lost in one of her daydreams, she pens fantasy steeped in Norse myth and Scandi folklore as Saga Linnea Söderberg, or Sweet’n’Spicy spoonie smut as Linn Rhinehart together with her Sir Bear.


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