DARK ONE In Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series, the Dark One is a primordial being, a sentient cosmic force of evil, and the biggest bad of the Big Bads. His real name is Shai’tan, but people who are scared of him think it’s bad luck to use his name and his followers consider it blasphemous. Read more in the Wheel of Time Repository

DHAMPIR A dhampir (from Gheg Albanian dham = tooth and pir = drinker) is a half vampire/half human creature from Balkan folklore. They are the result of (predominantly male) vampires mating with humans and they have both human and vampiric skills and powers. Read more about them in the Vampire Academy Repository or check out other vampire posts here.

DID NOT FINISH (DNF) A term used to describe books, films, manuscripts, art projects (etc.) you chose to finish. Or the act of actively giving up on a book, film etc because you don’t/didn’t like it. Read more in Books I Didn’t or Couldn’t Finish.

DNF See Did Not Finish above.

DOWNWORLD(ER) In Cassandra Clare‘s “Shadowhunters” series, a downworlder is a supernatural creature or hybrid who has a human soul and some level of demon blood in them. The Downworld, their realm, is parallel to the human world. Read more in the Shadowhunter Repository.

DRAGON REBORN In Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series, the Dragon is the Light’s champion in the eternal fight against the Shadow. A Dragon is reborn in every age and he is always a reincarnation of the same soul. Read more in the Wheel of Time Repository

DRAGONMOUNT In Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series, the Dragonmount is a volcanic mountain west of Tar Valon. It is the tallest mountain in the world, and no human has ever climbed to its top. It was created by the former Dragon (see above), Lews Therin Telamon, when he killed himself during the Breaking of the World. Read more in the Wheel of Time Repository

The Resilience Repository is a collection of literary knowledge and writing wisdom with definitions, concepts, and insights spanning traditional literature and the fantastical worlds created by our crew and passengers.

Whenever we find words in the posts that we believe may be new or difficult, we link them to the repository page where they are explained. Linked words are always underscored. Let us know if the word/concept you’re looking for isn’t here and we’ll try to add it as soon as we can.

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