A moroi (from Old Slavonic mora = nightmare) is a kind of ghost, phantom or vampire in Romanian folklore. They are often associated with strigoi, vârcolac and pricolici.

Like most things from folklore, the explanations of what moroi are, and what they look like, differ. They may be the offspring of a nosferat and a human woman. Or they may be a living child of two strigoi. Or, perhaps, a child who died before it was baptised.

Vampire Academy: In the Vampire Academy series, Moroi are posh vampires. All the royal bloodlines are moroi, and the dhampir basically live to protect them.

The moroi are mortal and they have the lifespan of a normal human. They can only drink blood, and they feed off humans and human hybrids. They are sensitive to sunlight, so the vampire world (including schools) run on a nighttime schedule. All moroi have magical powers and are expected to declare which power they are strongest in while they study at one of the Vampire Academies.

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