A novice, when we’re talking about humans, is a noob. A newbie. Someone new to the job, or the place, with zero to little experience. In many religious communities, a novice is a person who has been admitted to probationary membership and will be in training to become a full member.

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Wheel of Time: A woman who has been initiated to the White Tower is a Novice. It is the first step towards becoming an Aes Sedai. The Novice wears a white dress while she studies to pass the test to reach the second level: Accepted. This can take anything from three to 20+ years, and some never make it to the second level. Only the best can become Aes Sedai, and the training is ruthless. Those who fail are sent away from the tower and forbidden from  


New Paris Commune

We are a small group of diverse writers camping on the river bank where our pirate ship is moored. Most of us are Indiepub authors, those shameful, despised creatures. We accept our label and embrace it, wearing it with pride like the communards of old wore their scarlet caps.

We have great dreams, and we are building our own place in this new world. Building it out of the stories we bring to the world on our own terms. We are revolutionaries, you see. Writers who turned our backs on the establishment, building our own citadel of words. One day soon, we may even storm the Bastille.

Vive la revolution!


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