Torbjörn Svelander

HUNTER IS the Sergeant at Arms at, and one of the founding members, of Fenrir’s Cubbies MC. He is also Juicy’s father and Angel’s estranged husband.

His real name is Torbjörn Svelander, but he’s called Hunter because he is an excellent hunter and woodsman.

Hunter had an affair while Angel was pregnant and once the secret was out she took Juicy and left him. 


Don’t read the info below if you want to avoid spoilers.

I will add more details as the stories unfold.

Full Name: Kjell Torbjörn Svelander

AKA: Hunter

Age: 16 Horse’s Heart; 29 Fenrir’s Cubbies. Born 05/02/1966

Title(s)/Occupation: Sergeant at Arms of Fenrir’s Cubbies MC; Forester; Farmer

Nationality/Species: Swedish

Description: Tall and athletic with short dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin covered in tattoos.

Personality/Mannerisms: A witty, charismatic, independent humanitarian. Can be uncompromising and temperamental, and has a tendency to run from emotional expression. , aloof; Likes: Fun with friends, risky business, fighting for causes, intellectual conversations; Dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations.

Likes/Habits: Motorcycles; Hunting; Forestry; Fun with friends; Fighting for a cause; Intellectual conversation; Coffee; Canines.

Home(s): Family farm in Järkvissle; Commonhold flat in Sundsvall; Room at FC clubhouse. All in Sweden.

Family/Friends: Juicy Svelander (daughter); Pia Persson (daughter); Pontus Persson (son); Petronella Persson (stepdaughter); Angel Svelander (wife); Gunilla Persson (joyride); Horse Nylander (brother);  Edda Varg (sister); Eihwaz, Embla, Askr, Raun, Eik and Sága Varg (nieces & nephews); Lowkey Bäckvall (brother); Scooter Åslin (brother); Knuckles Sjödin (brother); Reaper Lindfors (brother); Tank Tiainen (brother)





Appears/Mentioned: Horse’s Heart; Fenrir’s Cubbies: The Path To The Patch

Role in Story: Co-founder and Sergeant at Arms of Fenrir’s Cubbies; Angel’s husband and Juicy’s father



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