Welcome to the last leg of the Grand Tour of the Resilience that started over in the canteen earlier. If you missed that, I suggest you go back and start from the beginning. We’ll be here waiting for you when you return.

So, here’s a quick recap before we continue the tour:

      • The Resilience is a very real, yet imaginary pirate ship.
      • As We Write is the name of the writers’ room on The Resilience.
      • New Paris Commune is the name our Ship’s Belle has given the campground where we all hang out together, whether we’re on board or camping out on a river bank somewhere.
      • Hotel de Ville is our readers’ retreat in Libertalia, still under construction but partially functioning.
      • Holihell is the name of As We Write’s naughty little sister site, our NSFW writers’ room at Hotel de Ville.

Now, let’s take a look at the ten rules that can be summed up in a simple statement: Don’t Be a Dick!


Don’t Be a Dick!

Treat all members – yourself included! – with respect. We don’t talk down to people or judge others for their life choices and/or circumstances. Kindness is the currency in our commune, and we tip each other often and generously. Now, anyone can have a day off and sometimes we all say things we shouldn’t. It happens. But common courtesy and mutual respect apply online too, and as Captain, I do not tolerate dickishness.


Respect People’s Privacy & Identities

We’re all on a first-name basis. This name may be a pen name, a camp-specific name or a social media username. Some of us use our legal names, some use a combination. In camp, it’s inevitable that we get to know a lot of personal,and even private, things about each other, but it’s up to each crew member to decide how much they want to share.

If we know each other’s “real life” name(s), we do not use them here. Likewise, if we know each other by pen name(s) we do not use them outside camp unless we have been asked to do so. We protect each other’s identity and we don’t spill each other’s beans. This applies both to interactions on social media and in the wide wild world outside.


Captain Rules

Although we live in happy harmony and decide most things together, there are times when someone needs to steer the ship or make executive decisions. As the Captain of the ship, I do have the final say in matters of strategy etc. However, when it comes to the day-to-day running of the camp and our interactions there, it’s Admin’s rules that govern us.

Admins, moderators and officers can make decisions and sort out issues that arise, technical as well as interpersonal. If you disagree with their ruling, you can appeal the decision to a Quarterdeck officer who will take it to the table. All Quarterdeck decisions are final.


Be Supportive

We are an open-minded and accepting group with all sorts of creatives in our circle of friends. Some of us may be writing stories you are not comfortable reading or sharing, that’s fine. If horror or erotica, for example, is not your thing – no one is asking you to read or promote it. We do, however, expect you to be supportive even of those whose genres may not be to your personal taste.


Be Active

We understand that there may be times when you need a break, or a time out, but prolonged inactivity may lead to reduced access to the campground and our resources. Show up for roll calls, join us in discussions, keep a light on in your tent etc. If you were invited to the campground we want you here with us. A ban, or restriction of access, due to inactivity is not a punishment as much as a measure to protect the privacy of your fellow communards.

Access to the campground is restricted after two weeks of absence without leave. Absence for more than a full month without any communication will result in exclusion. Camp spaces that become vacant due to such inactivity can be offered to new recruits at Quarterdeck’s sole discretion.


NSFW/Sensitive Content

In your personal tent, you can post what you want with a couple of exceptions. (See #9, Dealbreakers below.) There are plenty of special interest tents in the campground, so please try to keep the communal areas reasonably free from politics, triggering topics and smut. We have no rules against swear words or for the use of trigger/content warnings. However… If you know that you’re about to post something that could be a problem, please feel free to begin with a simple CW/TW tag.


On/Off Topic Chats

There are no rules against off topic chats other than the risk of your convo being deleted or moved to a different tent. We do appreciate it if you try to stick to the tent topic though. Some tents are for reading or downloads only. If you have questions about the content in one of them, ask in your own tent, in the canteen or in the dedicated area chat tents.



Adding stuff in places where they don’t belong to get attention or cause chaos/harm? We don’t do that. In your own tent you can spam all day long, provided the content does not violate any of the rules in #9, Dealbreakers. Sending/Linking harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers, harmware etc results in an immediate and permanent ban unless you can convince Quartermaster it was an honest-to-goodness mistake.



We have very few absolute rules, but the ones that are non-negotiable are:

    1. No hate speech, bigotry, bullying or discrimination. This includes gender-bashing.
    2. No kink/taste shaming.
    3. No general asshattery.
    4. Don’t be inactive (awol for more than two weeks).
    5. Don’t block Quarterdeck or Admins.
    6. Don’t spam or post harmful content. This includes content that supports or promotes illegal activities. 
    7. Don’t break Discord’s own rules, i.e. community guidelines or terms of service.

RULE #10


Breaking housekeeping protocol may result in warnings, restricted access and/or a permanent ban from the server. The ultimate goal behind our rules is to build a safe and friendly commune where we can all thrive. To that end, you may not harass, threaten, or otherwise bother another communard. This includes our Moderators, Admins, and Quarterdeck Officers.

And now it’s time for the last stop on this tour. Please step through the door down to your right and we’ll reconvene in the map room to take a look at the layout of our campground..



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