the resilience - a pirate ship at sea

Welcome back to the second half of the grand tour of The Resilience that started over in the canteen earlier. If you missed that, I suggest you go back and start from the beginning. We’ll be here waiting for you when you return.

So, as a quick recap before we continue the tour:

      • The Resilience is a very real, yet imaginary pirate ship.
      • As We Write is the name of the writers’ room on The Resilience.
      • New Paris Commune is the name our Ship’s Belle has given the campground where we all hang out together, whether we’re on board or camping out on a river bank somewhere.

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Yes, we are a group of writers with a virtual writers’ room and campground. We hang out together and share best practice, extend helping hands, find collab partners etc. The idea is very simple: We have a shared author’s platform and we work together, lift each other up and celebrate each other’s success.

For all of that to work in a diverse group of creatives (which is a nicer way of saying we’re all kinda sensitive), we need to have some rules and regulations in place.

In the following, I will introduce you to our crew, show you a map over our campground and explain the roles and responsibilities we have on board and in camp. But first of all, let’s take a look at our rules that can be summed up in a simple statement: Don’t be a dick!


RULE #1:


Treat all members – yourself included! – with respect. We don’t talk down to people or judge others for their life choices and/or circumstances. Kindness is the currency in our commune, and we tip each other often and generously. Now, anyone can have a day off and sometimes we all say things we shouldn’t. It happens. But common courtesy and mutual respect apply online too, and as Captain, I do not tolerate dickishness.

RULE #2:


We’re all on a first-name basis. This name may be a pen name, a camp-specific name or a social media username. Some of us use our legal names, some use a combination. In camp, we get to know things about each other, but it’s up to each crew member to decide how much they want to share.

If we know each other’s “real life” name(s), we do not use them here. Likewise, if we know each other by pen name(s) we do not use them outside camp unless we have been asked to do so. We protect each other’s identity and we don’t spill each other’s beans. This applies both to interactions on social media and in the wide wild world outside.

RULE #3:


Although we live in happy harmony and decide most things together, there are times when someone needs to steer the ship or make executive decisions. As the Captain of the ship, I do have the final say in matters of strategy etc. However, when it comes to the day-to-day running of the camp and our interactions there, it’s Admin’s rules that govern us.

Admins, moderators and officers can make decisions and sort out issues that arise, technical as well as interpersonal. If you disagree with their ruling, you can appeal the decision to a Quarterdeck officer who will take it to the table. All Quarterdeck decisions are final.

RULE #4:


We are an open-minded and accepting group with all sorts of creatives in our circle of friends. Some of us may be writing stories you are not comfortable reading or sharing, that’s fine. If horror or erotica, for example, is not your thing – no one is asking you to read or promote it. We do, however, expect you to be supportive even of those whose genres may not be to your personal taste.

RULE #5:


We understand that there may be times when you need a break, or a time out, but prolonged inactivity may lead to reduced access to the campground and our resources. Show up for roll calls, join us in discussions, keep a light on in your tent etc. If you were invited to the campground we want you here with us. A ban, or restriction of access, due to inactivity is not a punishment as much as a measure to protect the privacy of your fellow communards. 

Access to the campground is restricted after two weeks of absence without leave. Absence for more than a full month without any communication will result in exclusion. Camp spaces that become vacant due to such inactivity can be offered to new recruits at Quarterdeck’s sole discretion.

RULE #6:


In your personal tent, you can post what you want with a couple of exceptions. (See #9, Dealbreakers below.) There are plenty of special interest tents in the campground, so please try to keep the communal areas reasonably free from politics, triggering topics and smut. We have no rules against swear words or for the use of trigger/content warnings. However… If you know that you’re about to post something that could be a problem, please feel free to begin with a simple CW/TW tag. 

RULE #7:


There are no rules against off topic chats other than the risk of your convo being deleted or moved to a different tent. We do appreciate it if you try to stick to the tent topic though. Some tents are for reading or downloads only. If you have questions about the content in one of them, ask in your own tent, in the canteen or in the dedicated area chat tents.

RULE #8:


Adding stuff in places where they don’t belong to get attention or cause chaos/harm? We don’t do that. In your own tent you can spam all day long, provided the content does not violate any of the rules in #9, Dealbreakers. Sending/Linking harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers, harmware etc results in an immediate and permanent ban unless you can convince Quartermaster it was an honest-to-goodness mistake.

RULE #9:


We have very few absolute rules, but the ones that are non-negotiable are:

i) no hate speech, bigotry, bullying or discrimination,
ii) no kink/taste shaming, and
iii) no general asshattery. Furthermore, don’t
iv) be inactive (awol for more than two weeks),
v) block Quarterdeck or Admins,
vi) spam or post harmful content, or
vii) break Discord’s own rules, i.e. community guidelines or terms of service.

RULE #10:


Breaking housekeeping protocol may result in warnings, restricted access and/or a permanent ban from the server. The ultimate goal behind our rules is to build a safe and friendly commune where we can all thrive. To that end, you may not harass, threaten, or otherwise bother another communard. This includes our Moderators, Admins, and Quarterdeck Officers.

Housekeeping: Rule Book, Version 2, 01 September, 2022



Quartermaster; Keeper of Keys, Kitchens and Coins. Leto is an American author who writes romance, erotic romance and weird fiction. Likes cooking, music, D’n’D, writing, gaming, literature, woodworking, drinking, baking, women, kids and pets. Not necessarily in that order. See profile.


Captain; Dragon Lady; Pet. Linnea is a Swedish writer of fantasy, smut and shockingly bad poems. Likes arts, crafts, writing, reading, gaming, music, kids, pets, Life, Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. See profile.


Ship’s Belle; Queen of Creepy. Belle is a British author of horror and YA fantasy. Likes reading, writing, dog walks, cooking, theatre and arts. See profile.


Ship’s Sea Witch; Master of Dice, Cards and Spreadsheets. Marie is an American author of fantasy inspired by d&d, anime, folklore, etc. Likes reading, writing, D’n’D, dice, tarot cards, sock puppets, spreadsheets, music, teaching, crafting, classic folklore, fairy tales, tall ships, fluffy animals, good food, epic movie marathonS, television show binges and coffee. So much coffee. See profile.


Keeper of Chronicles. Deni is an American author of lit fic & essays. Likes reading, arty hobbies, music and pets.


Mistress of Human Relations. Kate is a Canadian author of forbidden love stories and sapphic romance. Likes to read fantasy, sci-fi, and similar types of romances, gaming with her wife, and spending time with her precious kitty. See profile.


Tamer of Tentacled Terrors. Sibley is an American author of monster erotica. Likes reading, writing, drawing/painting, learning, cooking, walking nature trails, yoga, collecting and watching cheesy monster movies, video games, watching Let’s Plays on YouTube, and playing D&D.


Bard & Boatswain. Doug is a Canadian author of sapphic romance. Likes to read lesfic, sci-fi and horror, and write flowery poetry. See profile.


Owner of The Resilience; Linnea’s straight-laced alter ego. Evalena is a Swedish writing coach, editor and writer of non-fiction with a background in education, and (desktop) publishing. See profile.


M.W. McLeod’s darker alter ego. Maria writes stories with tragic endings.

Housekeeping: Who We Are & What We Do, Version 2, 01 September, 2022



Quarterdeck and the As We Write writers’ room are the domains of the Captain and her officers:

      • Captain: Linnea Lucifer commands the ship at sea. She is responsible for strategy, planning and the smooth running of operations, including compliance with local and international law. All persons on board are under the Captain’s authority and are her ultimate responsibility. Wanna butter her up? Try tea. She really likes tea.
      • Quartermaster: Leto Armitage is the Master of the Quarterdeck. He steers the ship at sea, ensures she is well stocked and that she stays afloat. Can mete out punishments and cook up feasts in the galley. Quartermaster has the power to veto the Captain’s decisions and command the ship in all matters not pertaining to battle, or the pursuit of spoils or treasure. He is a watchkeeping officer who may act as admin and moderator.
      • Ship’s Belle: F.K. “Belle” Marlowe keeps the ship on course, controls operations and is in charge of timekeeping, safety, crew, cargo and errant commas. The Belle juggles a number of functions, and handles communication. Her sweet voice makes everyone feel better, but watch out for her books. They’re the stuff of nightmares and fear that gets under your skin. A watchkeeping officer who may act as moderator.
      • Ship’s Sea Witch: M.W. “Marie” McLoud of our three watchkeeping officers, this is the one you want to keep happy at all costs. She is the Master of dice, cards and spreadsheets, and in charge of the monthly roll calls. The Sea Witch makes a weekly dice roll forecast for the Captain and superfly success machines. She may also read you tarot cards and urge you to punch a fascist in the face. Director of our sock puppet theatre, commander of the sprint tent and mistress of mischief. A watchkeeping officer who may act as admin or moderator. 


Every pirate ship worth its salt has a chain of command, and The Resilience is no exception. If there’s ever a situation that needs fixing, here’s what the different roles can do:

      • Mess Mates: All of us. Every single one. Offer companionship and general support. Keep the camp lively and safe. Share skills, knowledge and experience.
      • Sprint Mates: Marie McLeod & Sibley Stamps. Organise writing sprints, manage the sprints’ tent and handle our cute sprint bot, Sprinto.
      • Moderators: Marie McLeod & Belle Marlowe. Moderate discussion and keep the camp clean. Can delete, merge, move, and split posts and threads. Enforce dont-be-a-dick rules and warn or suspend campers if need be.
      • Admins: Leto Armitage & Linnea Lucifer. Run the technical side of things. Can assign roles, manage rules, create categories, set up new tents, control permissions etc. Admin may also act as moderators.
      • Quarterdeck: The command centre where the Captain, Quartermaster, Ship’s Belle and Ship’s Sea Witch have their quarters and meet to discuss matters at hand and determine common action.

Housekeeping: Roles and Responsibilities, Version 2, 01 September, 2022



The reception area where you can find important information like:

      • 🔑Announcements: A noticeboard where we post camp news and updates from Quarterdeck.
      • 🔑Don’t Be a Dick: One book to rule them all – our Code of Conduct. 
      • 💬Chat, Housekeeping: Come inside to talk about anything housekeeping related, or to ask questions about us and the camp, As We Write or The Resilience.
      • 💬Introductions: A brief introduction to each crew member. Just arrived? Add yours before you move on.
      • 🔑Map – You Are Here: You are here. Everything else is over there…
      • 🔑Roles-VIP: Who’s who in camp and what do they do?
      • 💬Roll Call: The Sea Witch calls us out twice a month to check in and make sure you’re still here and reasonably sober…
      • 💬Suggestions: What it says on the tin. Drop your suggestions here. Simple things are normally sorted right away. Miracles may take a while. 
      • 🔑Welcome Aboard: The Captain’s grand tour of the ship and campground for new and prospective crew members.


      • 💬Campfire: Exactly what it sounds like. Come pull up a log, settle in and feel the joy of having a place where you can start, or end, the day among friends. Share a story, sing us a song, or have your beverage and enjoy listening to the other campers go about their business.
      • 💬Personal Tents: Each crew member has their own tent in camp. You can pop in and say hi to the neighbours, and they may pop in to see you. Consider your tent a combined message board and pigeon hole, and bring a few items in there just because they make you happy. For rules on what you can and cannot post in your tent, see Don’t Be a Dick above.


A large area that holds some of the AWW writers’ rooms, meeting facilities, message boards for collabs etc:

      • 🔑Aswewrite.com: See the latest updates and help requests for our site.
      • 🔑Books, AWW: Books by our campers listed in order of publication date.
      • 🔑Books, Other: Books by other authors recommended by campers.
      • 💬Chat, Library: Want something added to a locked library tent? Wanna start a chat about anything related to writing and publishing that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else? Come inside and let’s talk.
      • 💬Editing: Need help to make a with particular paragraph sound or flow better? Looking for an editor? Not sure if you’re getting it right? Vent your editing frustrations and get help here.
      • 💬Help Requests: What do you need? Help to retweet your pits? Alph, beta, ARC or proofreaders? Subject or genre-specific feedback? Post your wishes here…
      • 💬Language Talk: Ask your questions about grammar, etymology etc., and share interesting things you know or have learned.
      • 💬Marketing & Promotions: A place to talk marketing ideas and share what worked and what didn’t. Cracking the code together. 
      • 🔑Merch Shops: We have a joint merch shop and the campers have some too. Here we feature the latest designs and links to all the shops.
      • 💬Money Talks: Whether you’re trying to make more or save some, this is the tent to share your ideas. Or ask for them.
      • 💬NaNoWriMo: Some of us like to do NaNo, and here’s where we meet to talk about it, share snippets and eat smores. Bring a flashlight! 
      • 💬Newsletters: Wanna share newsletter ideas? Learn how to get one started? Suggest material for our joint newsletter and quarterly magazine? Offer a space in yours or just share your latest issue? This is your tent.
      • 💬Podcasts: Got one? Wanna start one? have a favourite one you’d like to recommend? Let’s hear it!
      • 🔑Promo Gallery: Come inside and get inspired, spread some love and grab material for retweets etc. Got a promo to feature? Stick it in Library Chat and we’ll hang it for you.
      • 💬Publishing: Whether you’re trad, or indie pubbed, a blogger or fanfic writer, publishing can give you a headache and a half. Need to scream? Have questions? Got some good ideas? Step inside and let us know.
      • 💬Reading: Let’s talk about readers, reading in general and what you’re reading right now. Wanna recommend a book you’ve read? Post it here and we’ll add it on the shelf in Books.
      • 💬Resarch: Share your research gems or ask for help with things you need to wrap your head around.
      • 🔑Resourses: Share your best resources for writing, editing, publishing, marketing etc. Post them in Library Chat and we’ll stick ’em in here.
      • 💬Review Gallery: Got a great review? Got a scathing review? Show ’em off and wear ’em with pride.
      • 💬Snippets, No SMUT: Want feedback on something you wrote? Post it here and let us know what you want us to look for.
      • 💬Snippets, SMUT: Same as above, but for snippets that contain explicit sex, or sexual references.
      • 💬Social Media: Share your social media posts, questions and ideas with us.
      • 💬Sprints: Do you write better in sprints? Hop in and join a sprint or start your own. Don’t know what it is or how to do it? Our Sprint Masters will be happy to help.
      • 💬Visual Art: Whether you’re an art and design genius like Sibley or Deni, or just someone who likes to doodle, come share your work or look for ideas and inspiration in here.
      • 🔑What’s New? Here we post the latest releases from all campers, be it books, blog posts, designs or something else. If it’s new and you want it featured, stick it in Chat, Library and we’ll get it sorted.
      • 💬WIP Talk: For talk about your own WIP or WIPs in general. Keep us posted on what your characters are up to and what (other)worldly problems you’re brooding over.
      • 💬Writing Challenges: Writing is more fun in a group. Here we challenge each other to write… A poem? A piece of flash fiction? A sapphic pirate story? Or a first love story so sweet the readers may get a saccharine overload? Enter and find out…


The wider campground area where we come when we need a break from work to have fun or let off steam:

      • 💬Foodies: Love cooking or eating and drinking? Dazzle us with pics of your homemade food or something you ate somewhere else. Share your best recipes or ask a question.
      • 💬Funnies: Memes, funny headlines and other bits and bobs to make us laugh. Please note, even funnies are subject to the Don’t Be a Dick rules. You don’t get booted for posting offensive jokes, but you may get a friendly word or two. Not all jokes are funny, and we laugh with not at on this ship and in our camp.
      • 💬Grooves: Listen to great music, discover new favourites and share your own.
      • 💬In Character: A tent where your characters can vent their frustrations over your shitty writing, befriend other characters or beseech Archie to help them out with their shenanigans.
      • 💬Jamaica Inn: Our party tent where we let our hair down, have a drink of some description and hit the dance floor if we’re up for it. It’s a pub, you know how it works.
      • 💬Milestones: Big ones, small ones, writing ones, Life ones, personal ones. No matter what milestone it is, let’s celebrate it together.
      • 💬Nerd station: This is where the nerds come to nerd out on all things games, comics, superheroes, sci-fi and whatever else makes them tick…
      • 💬Perv Party: Just what it sounds like. Wanna talk smut, streak, share sexy ideas? If it’s hot, spicy and likely to shock our sweet vanilla members – this is where it happens. Do not enter if smut is not your thing. 
      • 💬Pets & Cutsies: We all love adorable pets, animals and kids. Share your own, or others, and let’s all go goofy-faced together. No pics of kids that are not your own!
      • 💬Rage & Rant, General: Wanna scream or throat punch someone for reasons other than politics or religion? Come right in and get it out of your system!
      • 💬Rage & Rant, Politics and Religion: Wanna scream or throat punch a fascist or bigot? Come right in and get it out of your system!
      • 💬Random: For things that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.
      • 💬URBC: A special interest tent for people with unresolved Elon (or other rich people) issues…
      • 💬#Writerslife: Share, support and inspire. Musings on the ins and outs of life as a writer. Keep it light and funny. We have other tents for rants and problem-solving – let this be a place where we can come to boost our morale and recharge our batteries. 


All our tents are marked with a key or a speech bubble. Here’s what that means:

🔑Locked Tent: All tents marked with a key are locked. This means that you can like (emote) the posts to show how you feel about them, but you can’t write anything in there. We all talk too much, and this way we keep important posts and links from drowning in unrelated talk.

Each area has its own special chat tent, where you can talk about posts in locked tents or ask questions until the cows come home. They can also be used for topics (loosely) related to the area that don’t have a tent of their own. Have something you want added to a locked tent? Stick it in Help-Requests or one of the area chats with instructions of where it’s going and Admin or a Moderator will move it for you. Simples!

💬Open Chat Tents: If it has a speech bubble you can write in there. We have a terrible tendency to veer off topics in our discussions, and that’s okay, but try to at least start new topics in the relevant tent. Or, by all means, incite us to your own tent and we’ll chat in there.

Tents & Areas: The Captain insists on running a user-friendly ship where both tech-whizzes and Luddites can feel free and welcome. Not all people grok (good word) servers, categories and channels, but we can all find our way through a campground. And let’s be honest, hanging out by the campfire with a rag-tag band of pirates, rebels and revolutionaries is a lot more fun than being stuck with code monkeys, developers and IT architects in some flashy business complex. You don’t get any cookies for knowing tech jargon, but if that’s your thing we may put you to work. 

Housekeeping: Map of Camp Are & Tents, Version 2, 01 September, 2022

Right, that was all I had to show you today. If you’ve tagged along for the full tour, you should have a pretty good idea of who we are and what we do at this point.

If you’d like to join us, please get in touch with me or anyone in the crew and let us know. We only invite three new members every three months, but it’s always a good idea to get in touch. There are also some tips on things you can do to get an invite in the FAQ here.

This is where I’ll love you and leave you for this time. Thank you very much for your visit. Leave in peace, and don’t forget – you are enough.


//Linnea 🖤🏴‍☠️


Amateur Liar

Linnea Lucifer is the Captain of The Resilience, a weaver of stories, and a certified pain in the arse. She spends most of her days daydreaming and writing fantasy, smut and painfully crappy poems.

Named after a delicate little flower that grows in mossy, Swedish pine forests, and a fiery fallen angel, she takes great pleasure in everything that tickles the senses and adds a sprinkle of magic and spice to our world.


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