A dhampir (from Gheg Albanian dham = tooth and pir = drinker) is a half vampire/half human creature from Balkan folklore. They are the result of (predominantly male) vampires mating with humans. Male vampires have a sexual craving for humans. Female vampires not so much, but it does happen.

Dhampirs can pass as human, but they have both human and vampiric skills and powers. They are immortal, can sense supernatural creatures, and they have exceptional sight/hearing and great regenerating abilities. The dhampir is a daywalker and they can eat like a human.

Fictional dhampirs occur in titles such as: Angel, Bite Me, Blade, BloodRayne, Castlevania, Dracula: The Undead, Dungeons & Dragons, Hemlock Grove, Hotel Transylvania, Lost Souls, Magic: The Gathering, Sailor Moon, The Elder Scrolls IV, The Twilight Saga, and Vampire Academy.


Vampire Academy:

Vampire Academy: Ibrahim “Abe” Mazur is a Turkish Moroi. Abe is a dangerous mafia man with contacts and resources that span the world. He’s also Rose-Marie “Rose” Hathaway’s absent father.


The Twilight Saga: Jacob Black is Bella Swan’s childhood friend, and the son of her father’s best friend, Billy. Jacob is one of the shapeshifters (werewolf) of the Quileute tribe in La Push.


The Twilight Saga: La Push is a Native American reservation near Forks in Washington state. It is the home of the Quileute tribe and it has a long beach where people like to go surfing and whale-watching.

Jacob Black lives at La Push, and this is where he tells Bella Swan the truth about the Cullens.

La Push, and the Quileute, exist in real life and there has been quite a lot of controversy around the way they are used in the Twilight Saga. Whether you like Twilight or not, I’d recommend you check out the Quileute Nation website to learn their real story and support their effort to move their tribe to safer lands.


Vampire Academy: Unpromised is the term for Dhampirs who kill Strigoi even though they haven’t completed their training and, therefore, don’t have a promise mark. They are usually working as bodyguards or vigilante Strigoi hunters.

Rose Hathaway meets, and works with, a group of unpromised in Siberia. They travel with her to Novosibirsk to help her hunt and kill Strigoi.


Vampire Academy is the name of Richelle Mead’s series of YA paranormal romance novels. They tell the story about dhampir Rose Hathaway and her best friend, royal moroi Lissa Dragomir.

As the story begins, they have been on the run from St Vladimir’s Academy in Montana for the past 18 months. They are apprehended and brought back to the Academy by new Russian super-instructor, Dimitri Belikov. And that, right there, is the famous rabbit hole.

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