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For our Spook Reads challenge, we want you to pick the books. Let us know what your favourite spook reads are, and we’ll add the four with the most votes each week to the Top List below. Then we’ll sort them based on the number of votes they receive in time for the Spook Ball on the last Sunday of October.

Top Spooktober Reads 2023

Marlowe, F.K. Pennies for Charon Cover
Marlowe, F.K. A Halloween Tale
 book cover XS
Stamps, S. Halloween Encounter XL
Armitage, L. Red63Tennis book cover
Nominated Titles

Vote and drop your own nominations in the comments below or on our social media @ResilienceQd on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can vote for as many of the books as you like, but only one vote per book.

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