I KNOW I said I was going to stop these posts as I started the monthly milestones, but I guess I was a tad too excited. It feels right, somehow, to keep counting up to 1000. Provided I ever get there.

I’ve done social media promotions for many years, and I know how slow the growth can be when you’re pushing a personal “brand.” With that in mind, I was pretty certain that I could upload my #wip chapters and do some flash posts about them on twitter and Instagram in relative anonymity. I thought, for sure, it would take at least a year to reach the kind of numbers I have within these first seven weeks.

Check this out:

Eight hundred followers on twitter. 800! And almost as many reads on Wattpad. Yesterday, I even received a message from a reader asking when the next chapter will be posted. Surreal…

Thank you so much! 

Celebrating every milestone, as per usual, this is where I grab a cuppa and pull out a good title for a (hopefully) sweet date. Tonight, I think it’s time to start sinking my teeth into Dune. Wanna join me? Go grab yourself a cup of your favourite hot beverage and snuggle up on the couch.


Excellent, let’s get into it then, my friend.

Big hugs,

//Evalena 😘 

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