Mats Åslin

SCOOTER IS the Vice President, and one of the founding members, of Fenrir’s Cubbies.

His real name is Mats Åslin, but he’s been called Scooter since childhood because of his fascination with scooters and Ski-Doo snowmobiles, aka scooters in Sweden. 

Mad, bad and dangerous to know, Scooter will do anything for his chosen family. He’ll keep your secrets, kill your enemies and have your back come Hel or high water. Fearless and unstoppable, he will fight for a cause relentlessly, consequences be damned.


Don’t read the info below if you want to avoid spoilers.

I will add more details as the stories unfold.

Full Name: Mats-Olov Åslin

AKA: Scooter

Age: 16 Horse’s Heart; 29 Fenrir’s Cubbies. Born 29/09/1966

Title(s)/Occupation: Vice President of Fenrir’s Cubbies MC; Security Officer

Nationality/Species: Swedish

Description: Tall and athletic with short curly brown hair, blue eyes and olive skin covered in tattoos. The stereotypical bad boy, looking cool and mysterious.

Personality/Mannerisms: Resourceful, powerful, brave, fearless and passionate. Unparalleled determination and focus. Deadly warrior. Dislikes: Dishonesty, superficiality and small talk. Can be distrusting, jealous, and violent. 

Likes/Habits: Motorcycles; Truth; Being right; Breaking taboos; Teasing; Sex; Passion; Facts; Coffee; Canines; Security.

Home(s): Family farm in Indal; Room at FC clubhouse. All in Sweden.

Family/Friends: Horse Nylander (brother); Edda Varg (sister); Eihwaz, Embla, Askr, Raun, Eik and Sága Varg (nieces & nephews); Scooter Åslin (brother); Hunter Svelander (brother); Angel Svelander (sister); Juicy Svelander (niece); Scooter Åslin (brother); Trades Eriksson (brother)





Appears/Mentioned: Horse’s Heart; Fenrir’s Cubbies: The Path To The Patch

Role in Story: Secretary of Fenrir’s Cubbies;



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