Social media milestones@ 200 followers on twitter


SOMETIMES, patting yourself on the back and celebrating even the smallest of milestones along the path can be very liberating. And uplifting. When I decided to throw caution to the wind and share my fictional writing with the world, I promised myself that I would be unabashedly proud of every little step along the way. And guess what?

Today, I’m celebrating my first week of “promoting” my Ulfrheim sagas online. And here are the results:

First place medal

#1 in scandinavian stories on Wattpad (Fenrir’s Cubbies);

Glowing star

 150 #wip reads on Wattpad (Fenrir’s Cubbies ); and

Glowing star

200 followers on twitter.

Is it a huge success? No. But it’s a small token that shows me I could post something that is far from ready, promote it and have people read it. And it made me feel good to get that tiny bit of validation.

Thank you!  And roll on Week 2!

Love & Lust,

//Lïnnéa 😘

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