Don’t mind me, your ship’s sea witch, having a peg leg this week. I definitely didn’t do anything like get slightly older and move my leg incorrectly. It was a battle at sea that took away me knee, I swear it by the sea and stars.

Wait, wait, wait. Yeah! I know. It’s the puppet. The possessed demonic sock puppet took his aggressions out on me, and now, I get to pay the price for his wrath!

Yeah, okay. I’m sure you’ll believe that. Yep. Nailed it.

As for too many projects, you know that feeling when you’ve been thrown overboard, your head is underwater, and you can’t figure out which way is up? That’s how I’m feeling right about now, and here I thought that the sock puppet would walk the plank long before me. Poor Zane. Somebody clearly didn’t hug him while growing up.

I’m trapped in the whirlwind of several writing projects, things I like to call, “functional adult things,” and attempting to fit in a social life. How do other people do this? I am but a sock puppet taming witch of the seas. I cannot be tamed!

Well, it’s been a month. What in the world has the ship’s sea witch gotten up to? You might be surprised to hear… nothing. Okay, okay, okay. Slight correction. I’ve written about 70% of my fairy tale retelling novella, Heartless. Now, I have three chapters to go, and I’m on the struggle bus. Somebody else come write it for me. Pretty please?

The first four drafts of this book didn’t turn out how I liked, but I’m loving this fifth draft. The characters are exactly how I pictured them, and the ending is going to be as epic as you expect from a fairy tale ending. Mind your step for that dark fantasy twist, though!

I’ve also been told that I’m on deck for a LIBERTALIA TALE, and I’m nervous. There are so many good ones already out there. Meanwhile, I’m in the middle of writing another book, and I need to finish up a whole other story as well? Your ship’s sea witch is going to be doggy paddling at best, messmates.

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