When Ellyria’s father died, he left the family spell book hidden. To make matters worse, her mother fell into a drug habit, leaving the teenager to handle the household finances alone. Desperate for help and with no other options, she researched a spell on the internet and cast it in a hurry, accidentally binding herself into a ritual with a demon.

The demon, Zangrunath, thinks his latest assignment is below his stature in the demonic hierarchy, but he does his job to fulfill the witch’s desires until he takes notice of the potency of her magic and the intruders lurking around her home at night.

Ellyria must navigate the last few months of high school, budding relationships, and college applications, all while Zangrunath harbors a dark secret. Magic hunters want her dead, and he must find a scapegoat to ward them off before Ellyria meets the same tragic fate as her father before her.

This book was originally published as Covenant, Book 1 of the Terms and Conditions trilogy.

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Deals of the Damned: Demonic Deals (Book 1)


M.W. McLeod


    • Fantasy
    • Folklore
    • Magical Realism


    • eBook
    • Paperback



Enthralling! M.W. McLeod captured my heart, mind and spirit with Elly’s tale. Demonic Deals does everything you want a good book to do, it makes you smile, makes you think, binds your heart to a set of characters. From what started out as an “aww crap!” Moment, a bond is forged that nothing in any plane of existence can break. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing something that has impacted my life for the better as much as this has.– Kyoden, (June, 2022)

I am so happy I read this book and I can not wait to read the next book in the series! The author truly draws you into the story and sends you on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. It’s thrilling and unexpected. I highly recommend you read this book!

Ashley Mulvey, (June, 2022)




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