Kissing in Storytelling

LET’S TALK about kissing…

In case you didn’t know, I love Colin Firth. I think he’s a brilliant actor and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of his films. Several of them more than once. But his kissing scenes? Eh, no thanks! I seriously cannot stand watching him kiss on camera. Doesn’t matter which film it is or who he’s kissing. Those scenes make me cringe!

I don’t know what it is. Maybe the poor guy hates kissing? Maybe he hates kissing on camera? Or maybe he hates kissing people who are not his wife? Whatever the reason, in every single kissing scene he goes as stiff as a plank, tilts his head as if he’s got a stroke and then he more or less stands there looking hella uncomfortable. Eww!

When I watched Twilight, as an introduction to my vampire studies, and I got to the first kissing scene between Bella and Edward I realised I need to charter this territory too. So, without further ado, I’m passing the ball over to you:

– How do you feel about kissing scenes in storytelling? Film, books, tv, games – any type of story counts.

– What’s your favourite kissing scene? Why?

– Which kissing scene really makes you cringe. Why?

– Light pecks or slurpy smooches? Or something in between? What’s your favourite type of kiss?

Let’s talk! I’ll report back with our collected findings so we can all pick them apart and see what we can learn from this.

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