SOCIAL MEDIA is like a weird alternate reality. I love it and it fascinates me, but every time I think I know something about it, something happens to turn that knowledge on its head.

One of these things that seem to stump me is how follower patterns shift. You can have a steady growth rate that follows the same curve for weeks, and then something changes. Often this change is the result of a post going viral and gaining wider recognition, but sometimes there’s no discernible reason.

Take this, for example:

Nine hundred followers on twitter! Each week since I started doing this, my twitter following has grown by about 100 people per week. Which, if you ask me, is unbelievable. But last week was crazy!

I had 100 new followers by Saturday, but yesterday (Sunday) they started ticking in like marathon runners across the finish line. By midnight, this had happened: 

One thousand followers. 1000! And closing in on 1100… I don’t even know what to say other than thank you. 

Thank you so much! 

But now I’m definitely putting an end to the weekly updates. As far as twitter goes, I’ll set my next milestone to 500 new followers. 

Celebrating every milestone, it’s time for a cuppa and a good story. Tonight, I’m going back to Wattpad to see what’s next on my reading list there. Wanna tag along? 

Much love,

//Evalena 😘 

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