VAMPIRES 101: What do we know to be true about vampires? Well, that probably depends on how many vampire stories we have digested in our lifetime. Some stories make vampires seem real. Almost. And others make them seem rather ridiculous. Yes, I’m looking at you now, Twilight. I hadn’t even read (or watched) you before you told me that vampires sparkle in the sun. And even a vamp noob such as yours truly knows that makes no flipping sense at all.

In this article, I will try to paint a general picture of the modern vampire. I’ll keep adding whatever information I gain from the different stories I read, watch and listen to from now on. Hopefully, we’ll end up with some interesting “facts” about these creatures and the lore that surrounds them.

Do they sleep in coffins? Can they turn into bats or wolves at will? Can they go outside in daylight? Do they poop? I have so many questions, and very soon I hope I’ll be able to find some answers to them…

How Do They Sleep?

Vampires don’t need much sleep, but when they do they can sleep in a bed like a human. – ADoW

They don’t. Ever. – Twilight

How Do You Become a Vampire?

You need another vampire to bite you and suck your blood. But not enough to kill you. – Shadowhunters

A vampire has to bite you and inject you with their venom. Then you spend up to three days in transformative agony as your body reshapes itself, before your heart stops and you re-emerge as a newborn vampire. – Twilight

How Do You Kill Them?

The only way to kill a vampire is to rip them apart and burn them. Otherwise, they will just reassemble themselves and come at you again. – Twilight

Skills & Abilities

Vampires are apex predators, and as a result all of their senses are heightened.

HEARING: They have ears like a hunting bird and can hear the sound of animals eating, heartbeats etc. 

SIGHT: They can see things a human eye can’t pick up on. Like a deer in the far distance in the Scottish highlands. (ADoW)

SMELL: They have the nose of a dog and can easily pick up and follow a scent.

SPEED: It seems to be a general consensus that a vampire can run fast. Like the wind. E.g. They can run to the shops for ice cream and be back in under a minute. (ADoW) A human cannot outrun them. (Twilight)

What Do They Eat?

Vampires drink blood. Human blood. But some of them, like the Cullens and the Denali clan, are vegetarians. Which means they only drink animal blood. – Twilight

Where Do They Come From?

Unclear (for now). But they are old. Very old. In Twilight and A Discovery of Witches, there are vampires who are more than 1000 years old.

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