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TITLE: Snow Retold

AUTH: Marlowe, F.K. 2023

PUB: Libertalia Press

TAGS: Fairytale Retellings, Free Reads, Libertalia Press, Resilience Writers, Short Stories, Recommended Reads

Snow Retold is a Resilience exclusive, only available to our subscribers and only on special occasions. It is currently included as a gift in the 2023 Yule Calendar.


Once upon a time, a little princess was born, as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony. As she grew up, she became so lovely, that her stepmother became murderously jealous of her, so jealous that she sent her out into the forest with a huntsman.

Yeah, I know that’s what they say, but you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. The real story’s a lot more fun…


“But why, good Huntsman dressed in red?” I cry, my voice deliberately quavering, “Why does my stepmother want me dead?” I bat long eyelashes as if blinking away tears, then give him the full dazzle of my baby blues.

He can’t meet my eyes, poor thing. He gulps, his Adam’s apple quivering with emotion.

“The Queen is jealous of your beauty! Forgive me, Snow, it is my duty!” he growls, his voice sending a thrill through me that’s not entirely unpleasant.

I fall to my knees, hands clasped pleadingly, kitten-wide eyes staring up at him. He really is rather tasty, I think, then shake myself. Pure and innocent, Snow! This is life or death.

Or is it, perhaps, more exciting than that?

“Wait,” I say slowly, cogs turning in my brain. “You’re saying my stepmother, who’s looked after me all these years, has sent you to slaughter me just because she’s insecure about her looks?

“I guess?” he shrugs.

“That’s terrible!”

“I know. But it’s the only job I could get. I left school with no qualifications.”

“No, not that you oaf. We’re talking about a strong, independent woman. She’s run a whole bloody country for ten years since my dad popped his clogs, and frankly does a much better job of it than he ever did. If ageing’s damaged her self-esteem and judgement this badly, what’s it doing to the other women of the kingdom?”

“Dunno. Never thought about it much.”

“Well start thinking. I smell a business opportunity and you’re part of it. Do you have any brothers at home? Mates built like you?”


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