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GOODBYE NOVEMBER! Three months into this creative writing adventure I’m beginning to think the Writing Community, particularly on twitter, is a pretty awesome place to call home.

So, now that November is over it’s time for the monthly recap. I’m extremely proud of myself for completing NaNoWriMo in 17 days. I posted two more chapters of Fenrir’s Cubbies and  the second chapter of Horse’s Heart, and wrote a few poems and blog posts. I even managed to stay active on social media, but reduced my number of instagram posts to a bare minimum. 

I’m finding instagram very slow these days. I like being able to post a more visual feed, but the interactions on insta are nowhere near twitter. As a comparison, I’ve gained 50 followers on insta and been interacting with four of them. Meanwhile, I’ve gained 1600 followers on twitter and have daily interactions with loads of them.

I’ve decided to keep working insta/fb anyway, at least for another year if I can. It makes more sense to have a presence on different platforms, as you never know whether your account is safe. It’s all part and parcel of building a writer’s platform, something I’ll be writing more about in the months to come.

Today, as I closed the books on November, I’m still just as blown away by the numbers as I’ve been in each of these milestone posts. Achievements so far:

Horse’s Heart

#1 in #sagas on Wattpad

#1 in #scandinavian on Wattpad

Fenrir’s Cubbies

#1 in #scandinavian on Wattpad

#4 in Horror/Paranormal, Books Got Talent, 2021 (Score: 95/100) 

– 1200+ reads on Wattpad

– 1600+ followers on twitter

Special thanks to my:

– Readers in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. I see you all and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Writer buddies Boots, Idgie Stark, The BelleDame, Jac Buchanan, Matthew J. Large, Leto Armitage and, as always, Leanna Benjamin.

New followers and friends who have been kind enough to like, comment and repost/retweet my posts.

Family for letting me read my stories to you and discussing them with me. Love you starstop!

Here’s to celebrating every milestone.

Thank you all so much for making November a spectacularly beautiful month! 🥰

Roll on December…

Love & Lust,

//Lïnnéa/Evalena 😘

© Evalena Styf, 2021

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