FORETELLING v. Foretelling is the present participle of the verb to foretell. This word comes from the 1300’s Middle English word foretellen (fore- +‎ tell) which means to prophesy. Or to be able to predict a future action or event before it happens. Foresay and forespeak are synonyms of foretell. Prophecies are a common trope in fantasy fiction.

In Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series, Foretelling is a Talent and the Aes Sedai seem to believe that it’s somehow linked to the One Power. Read more in the Wheel of Time Repository

FORSAKEN In Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series, the forsaken are the disciples of Shai’tan, the Dark One. Many of their powers came from the Age of Legends where they had access to a wider range of weaves than the Aes Sedai have in “modern” times. Read more in the Wheel of Time Repository

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