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Welcome to our collection of Halloween Hundos – tales no more and no less than 100 words long. Or short.

Each Hundo is a bite-sized morsel of terror, perfect for those who seek a quick thrill in the dark corners of their imagination.


Excellent! We invite you to read, enjoy, and – if you dare – submit your own spine-chilling hundos. If you do, we’ll add it like a new spectre to our haunted gallery, making it an ever-growing crypt of mini horror tales.

So what say ye? Unfurl your quill and dip it in ink, mate, for the night is dark and full of terrors as George R. R. taught us!


The village clock struck midnight as Ethan entered the ancient cemetery. Armed with a shovel, he located his great-grandmother’s grave. “Forgive me,” he whispered and began to dig. 

Hours passed. Finally, he reached the casket and pried it open. Inside, the enchanted locket lay atop her skeletal remains. His fingers barely touched it when he heard the voice. 

“Thank you, dear.” 

Startled, he looked up to find his great-grandmother standing before him, fully restored. 

“The locket’s magic needed to be released. You have freed me, and now I can help you.” 

She vanished, leaving the locket in his trembling hands.

– Anonymous


Louise had always loved the sound of her vintage typewriter. Each key was like a musical note composing the symphony of her life. One evening, as she typed away in her study, there was an extra keystroke, like an echo, just after hers.

Puzzled, she typed, “I am alone.”

The typewriter wrote back, all by itself: “No, you’re not.”

Eyes widening, Louise stood up and peered around the room, a shiver running down her spine. Phew! She was, indeed, alone. 

But as she returned to the typewriter, it continued: “It’s so nice in here, Louise. Thanks for letting me in.”

– Linn

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