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Ahoy, all ye swashbuckling bookworms! Just as we’re about to call Anchors Aweigh, our Ship’s Siren – sorry I mean Belle, our Ship’s Belle – has one last summer challenge for you to embark upon: a Treasure Hunt!

What can be more piratey than a proper treasure hunt with clues to solve? Well, it isn’t doubloons or pieces of eight this time – it’s a word the lady is asking you to find. So, gather ’round ‘ere me hearties and prick up those ears, for here’s how this ‘ere hunt will play out:

Ye will be provided with a series of clues, scattered across the vast reaches of our newsletters and social media – make sure you follow @ResilienceQd on Twitter and Instagram – starting today and all through September. The goal? To find a word that invokes the spirit of treasures most delightful and alluring.

Remember, there be no maps to guide ye, only yer wit and cunning. So, grab yer grappling hooks, sea dogs, and adjust the eyepatches. Let the treasure hunt begin!

The prize? Snow Retold, a tantalising e-Book spun by none other than the Game Mistress herself, F.K. Marlowe and available exclusively for our subscribers. Snow Retold is a series of vignettes based on the old fairy tale of Snow White. 


  1. The word we’re looking for begins with something: a) our new libearian, b, what he is, and c, what he believes himself to be, all have in common.
  2. Pirates hunt for this, but you won’t find it on a map.
  3. This word conveys both a rich treasure and a tempting treat.

Fun and games aboard a pirate ship is all about the fun and the games, so the rules are pretty simple and made to be easy to understand.

1) Who’s Running This Game?

  • The game is run by a procrastination of indie authors on the mighty Resilience, which means we have all agreed to blame the Captain if something goes wrong. By entering, you’re agreeing to agree with us in saying, “Yep, I’m good with these here rules too, Captain.”

2) How to Enter?

  • You’ve got to get your entry in while the game is open. Latecomers won’t be able to win. Oh, and no funny business—we’re not responsible for lost or delayed entries. If you think you know the answer you tell us in the comments below before midnight on 30 September 2023 in your local time zone. No one else will be able to see your response!

3) Who Can Enter?

  • You’ve got to enter on your own (no agencies, businesses or groups!). One entry per household, or ship, that’s it. Any more and we pull out the plank. Got it?
  • You must be at least 18 and live in Great Britain or someplace else that has not yet banned books and everything that makes life beautiful.

4) Prizes

  • If one of our authors or a third party is providing the prize, they’re the ones responsible for it. Among other things, this means they can swap out the prize for something of similar value if they need to. In the case of this here Treasure Hunt, the prize is provided by none other than our F.K. Marlowe and it is an eBook of hers that is not available anywhere else.

5) How Do We Pick a Winner?

  • We’ll pick the entry that best fits our criteria. In this particular game, that is:
    • a) every single entry with the correct word
    • b) posted in the comments below (here on
    • c) by someone who is still on our mailing list on the day we declare the winners.

6) Privacy Stuff

  • You have to leave your email address so we can contact you and send you the prize if you win. This means you will be added to our mailing list, so we can tell you about the winners and other cool stuff. If you’re not into that, you can always opt out.

7) Legal Gibberish

  • By entering, you promise that your entry is original and legal. You also agree to let us use it for promotional purposes. In the Treasure Hunt, however, you just gotta be right. And not be singing the correct answer from the rigging as that could tell the Quartermaster you’ve helped yourself to extra rum rations. Bad idea.

8) Winning & Collecting Your Treasure?

  • If you win, you might need to give us some more info. eBooks will be sent via e-Mail with a download link.

9) Who Won?

  • Winners will be announced in the newsletter on Sunday 15 October. After that, we’ll tell anyone who asks who won within six months after the game ends. That means up to 31 March 2024 in this case. Not even the North remembers longer than that.

10) The Fine Print

  • We’re not liable for anything that happens with your prize, except for stuff we legally can’t dodge.
  • If game clues show up on Facebook, you’re not suing them, alright?
  • If any of these rules are weird or illegal, we may take them out, but the rest of ’em will still apply.


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