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a pirate reading party - a group of pirates on a rowboat full of boks

Do you like to write? Would you like to see your words published in an anthology? Whether it’s a yes, a no or a meh, we invite ye to unleash your own storytelling skills this season.

We are looking for stories to go with our Libertalia Tales: Pirates series that we’re launching this year. Your story or poem must be related to pirates, of course, and no more than 5,000 words long.

You are free to make a loose interpretation of the pirates’ concept. Write about traditional pirates digging for treasure and setting up free ports, Write about raunchy pirates who love sea monsters. Or maybe book pirates who try to steal all the books and build the biggest free library in the world. Write pirate poems, pirate mysteries or a pirate’s cookbook. Anything goes.

Submissions can be of any genre and we are especially interested in seeing diversity and positive representation of all kinds. Violence and smut are both fine. The only line we have drawn for this series relates to children. We do not accept scripts where children are subjected to sexual abuse. Ever.

We will share our favourites on the website and, who knows, your story could become the stuff of legend aboard the Resilience. Or maybe shortlisted for a spot in our next Libertalia Tales series.

Send your tale to before the end of the month and watch this spaceā€¦

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