a blue ship's door with the sign "M.W. MCLEOD"

Marie was forged in the fiery pits of Hell, but most people call it Phoenix, Arizona. An educator by occupation and nature, she’s always trying to learn and experience new things. No day is complete without learning or otherwise striving to improve herself. Marie believes anything can be achieved with hard work, willpower, and a positive attitude.

As a fantasy author who dabbles in different subgenres, she draws inspiration from many places, people, and hobbies. From knitting to painting, movies to podcasts, reading to dungeons and dragons, she will try anything and everything as long as it keeps her cup full of inspiration and coffee. So much coffee.

Marie is fascinated by classic folklore, fairy tales, and tall ships. With plans to make two of these happen in the future, she’s currently looking for an excuse to add a water-based world to her series of interconnected universes.

McLeod is a self-professed simple person who enjoys fluffy animals, good food, and an epic movie marathon or television show binge. Her teachers used to say she was a pleasure to have in class, but they couldn’t hear all the thoughts and mischief that went on behind that sweet smile. Marie read her favorite books and wrote novels during math class, and people who made her angry got written into them.

Who are we kidding? They still get written into her books. Buyer beware. I’m a little bit broken, but aren’t we all? Let’s go sailing off on our next adventure. Anchors aweigh, me hearties!