AS WE WRITE aims to provide a virtual writers’ room for aspiring and published authors alike. This is a space where writers from all genres and walks of life can meet, find food for thought and, hopefully, something that can help get their creative juices flowing.

I started this blog as my pandemic panic room in March 2020. It was meant to be my happy place. A safe cabin under the waterline on my imaginary pirate ship. A place where I could forget about the horrors lockdown and the vicious virus had brought into our lives.

At the time, I had been working on a project that I hoped would see me embark on a final great adventure. I was going to turn my vast catalogue of non-fictional writing into content that could help support me financially. Then I’d sell my car, buy a van, stick my little writing station inside and get out of London. I’d kit that van out to fit my needs. Travel. Sit by the sea with my dog, and write down all the stories that live inside my head. 

This was my dream. Something so silly, so self-indulgent, I never told anyone about it. I knew my non-fictional work had some value. I knew I was a good editor. A good writing coach. But those are all very different skillsets, and good storytellers are rare creatures. I had no idea whether I could actually write fiction that anyone would like to read, let alone pay for. 

I was under no illusions. Any fictional writing with my name on would be a vanity project. Something I’d do just for me. Just for my love of the written word. Little did I know that, within 18 months, this place would no longer be my secret hide-out.

My pirate ship is no longer a figment of my imagination. The mighty Resilience has three dedicated officers on Quarterdeck and a steadily growing crew of indie authors on board. I have moved into the Captain’s Quarters up above, and I only come down here, to what is now the Quartermaster’s pantry, for nostalgic reasons.

Today, whether we’re on sea or camping out on a river bank somewhere, we all have our own cabins and make-shift tents. Our Ship’s Belle named our little camp the New Paris Commune. We are rebels, you see. With our words as building blocks, we’re building the port we want to live in. We’re publishing the stories we want to share on our own terms. 

We share resources, help each other grow and weigh in with feedback on ideas and WIPs. We proofread, suggest and discuss. We’re very different. We come from different backgrounds, and write in very different genres, but we have great respect for each other. At the end of the day, we’re all trying to tell our stories to the best of our ability. And we all share the same goals and dreams. We just want to write, and we hope that someone will love what we put out there as much as we do.

Our crew is diverse, and between us we write in many different genres. There’s horror, speculative fiction, romance, historical fiction, Sci-fi, and fantasy to name but a few. We are writing for adults, new adults, young adults and children. Some of our authors, myself included, also write smut.

As We Write is a safe for work and (relatively) family friendly space that is free from political, religious and sexual content. But we’re pirates, right, we need to have some outlets where we can do what pirates do best. And no, I’m not talking about theft or copyright infringement.

Aboard the Resilience, and in camp, we have dedicated spaces for things that may cause offence or scandalise our more delicate members. The rules must never be broken, but if you enter into dedicated spaces you consent to be subjected to the kind of material we keep behind that door. Smut, therefore, may be mentioned here, but we keep the smutty content on our naughty sister site, holihell.com.

Holihell doesn’t have a dedicated cabin on board the Resilience, but she does have the grand penthouse at our readers’ retreat, Hotel de Ville, in Libertalia. We do not discriminate, or look down on people, based on what they write or read. We do, however, believe that the experience is so much better for all involved if we keep some content separate.

Does this all sound really weird to you?

Well, what can I say? We’re writers – we make shit up. It’s in our nature. Don’t worry too much if you’re fuzzy on the details – we’ll make it all make sense along the way. For now, just grab yourself a drink from the galley, kick your shoes off and relax. There’s plenty of things to read and enjoy in here, and if you get lonely you can always strike up a conversation in the comments.

If, like most visitors, you find that you fall in love with us and want to get further acquainted, please check out our support and recruitment pages. 

Love & Lust,

//Linnea Lucifer, Captain of the Resilience