Bartholemew Bombee at your service. Barty to the nuns at school, B-Man to my uni mates, Barry in my everyday life. I’m a bumblebear with dual degrees in quantum physics and literature. So, as an overachiever who became goalless once out of the relative focus of school, I became a libearian. How that happened is a story in its own right. I was buzzing around aimlessly until I met Leto. Now, because of him, I’m haunted and stuck on this old ship.

What happened? Well, I was doing my normal routine of flying around the beer gardens stealing sips when I ran into this bearded git. I would often buzz around and check what people were reading – who doesn’t enjoy a good read? – and the beer gardens around the universities are especially good places to catch some decent literature.

Since this guy had his laptop open, I figured he was doing something stupid like most humans do. I mean, drinking and reading are humanity’s only real contributions to the cosmos so far. Anyway, to my surprise I found he was writing, but my elation was rapidly replaced with the abandonment of hope. It was a scene where a brunette with big tits was having sex with an elf with smaller tits and I was thinking “yeah, this one is not going to be a Booker prize winner.”

I buzzed off to find something better to read, but halfway to the garden gate another bearded git, a spectral one, got in my way. If you want to know the rest of that story, and other tidbits from my life and the journey that lead to the precarious situation I now find myself in, you can find them in my Libris Lore Ledgers. Leto insists that all records must be digital, so I am having my notes transcribed and there’s another story I can share with you later.

For now, I am putting my degrees and assistant to good use serving the Reslience writers and turning this Reading Room into a library worth its sea salt.

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