So, let’s take a look at Quarterdeck now. (If you accidentally landed here, you may want to take the door down to the left where the Grand Tour of the ship begins.)

Every pirate ship worth its salt has a chain of command, and the Resilience is no exception. As I’m the Captain, the chain begins and ends here on Quarterdeck with me. This is the main command and control centre and we plan and lead all our operations, both at sea and on land, from here.

The Quartermaster and I have our living quarters here, and we spend almost all our time onboard. The Ship’s Belle and Ship’s Sea Witch have their own quarters here too, but they spend most of their time dealing with business ashore.

We have an office space here with shared resources and archives, and the four of us hold daily and weekly meetings here. Quarterdeck is also the reception area where we meet and greet people like you and other distinguished guests. Last, but certainly not least, this is where we keep the Ship’s Log and Colours.

As far as organisational structures go, the chain of command onboard is more linear, and we do not engage in cap doffing or any either forms of hierarchical nonsense. There are, however, roles and rules and responsibilities in place, as you can see here below.

Have a look, and take the door down to the right when you are done. We are going to take a look at As We Write next. 


Quarterdeck functions as the deliberative assembly where Captain, Quartermaster, Ship’s Belle and Ship’s Sea Witch meet to discuss and determine common action and policy. The assembly also handles complaints, concerns and appeals procedures.


Linnea owns the Resilience and commands her when we’re at sea. Although she’s technically the one the proverbial buck stops with, the running of this ship is not a solo gig.

As the Captain, her compass mostly points to strategy, planning, and the smooth running of the ship. That means keeping us on the right side of both local and global rules and regulations. If you sail under our flag, you are her business and that means you’re everybody’s business. That’s what makes us Team Superfly.

Fancy getting on Linn’s good side? Try a cup of tea!


The Quartermaster doesn’t just steer the ship, he’s the one who ensures she’s riding high on the waves. A tip? Don’t let him catch you bending the rules or sneaking a treat from the larders. The galley is his domain and when it comes to food and drink, a pirate’s eyes are everywhere!

While the Captain might call the shots in battle and when we’re chasing treasure, the QM has a strong say in all other matters and the power to override her decisions if need be. His grizzled exterior aside; he’s got the heart of a gentle bear as long as you don’t ruffle the feathers in his boas. Wanna butter him up


The Ship’s Belle’s main responsibility is… Well, truth be told no one remembers what it was supposed to be, but she does lift our spirits with her quirky shiny object syndrome and “special brand of drive-by positivity,” as a crew member called it.

When she’s not too busy walking the dog, Belle chases errant commas, writes the odd newsletter, and graciously allows visitors to admire her shininess. She also spends a lot of time selflessly experimenting behind the bar at Smugglers Cove to keep our cocktail menu interesting.

If you want to treat the Queen of Creepy, spot her ko-fi or give her some choccies.



The Ship’s Sea Witch is the Master of Dice, Cards and Spreadsheets. She’s our monthly roll caller and the director of the best sock puppet book promo theatre you will ever see.

Marie is a licensed member of Quarterdeck, one of three watchkeeping officers, and she’s an admin, moderator and sprint mate. She’s also one of the first members of #teamsuperfly.

You don’t want to take any risks with a Sea Witch, so we aim to keep her happy at all cost.

Runs on coffee and has a thing for pretty D’n’D dice tarot card decks, and chocolate.


These are the people who run the technical side of things in our New Paris camp, in Hotel de Ville, on our websites and social media.

Admin can assign roles, manage rules, create new categories, set up new tents, control permissions etc. They can also post to our web sites and social media accounts. Administrators may also act as moderators.


Our moderators keep the discussions and our common areas clean. They can delete, merge, move, and split posts and threads.

Moderators have the power to enforce our DON’T-BE-A-DICK rules and even warn or suspend campers if need be. So far, this need has not arisen and we aim to keep it that way.

For anything that is not related to a writing sprint, the mods are normally the first port of call if the nearest messmate doesn’t have the answer you’re looking for.


Our sprint mates organise writing sprints, manage the sprint tent and handle Sprinto, our resident sprint bot.


Regardless of where we are in the chain of command, we are all messmates. Our roles fill certain functions and help us run a tight ship, but no camper is above another. We’re all family.

As a messmate, you are expected to offer companionship and general support. We all chip in to keep both ship and camp lively and safe.


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