Time for a Tipple

Since we have unfettered access to the Quartermaster’s rum stash, this month’s cocktail is my all-time fave. When I lived in Beijing I could easily get my hands on as many passionfruit as my greedy little heart desired, but since we’ve been in Vancouver, they’re a rare treasure. So when I stumbled upon some on a jaunt to Commercial Road the other day, I loaded up the hold.

If you can’t get passionfruit, try crushed pineapple (tinned is fine – we are rufty-tufty pirates, after all!)

Hot Mint Cocktail with Lemon and Honey
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Generous squeeze of fresh lime juice (good for holding off the scurvy!)
  • The inside of a ripe fresh passionfruit
  • 2 fingers of white rum
  • 4 fingers of soda water / lemonade (that’s 7Up or Sprite to non-Brits) depending on whether you’re feeling sweet enough already or not
  • Ice – cubes or crushed if you’re feeling fancy
  1. Ice in the bottom of the glass, pour over the rum. Add the lime juice, spoon in the passion fruit and pour over the soda water or lemonade. Throw in the mint leaves (tear them up first if you want a more intense mint flavour) and give it all another good stir.
  2. Sip slowly under a starry sky.
  3. Incidentally, if you insist on rimming your mojito glass with salt, fair sailing to you, but I’ll just sup mine as it is, and lick the sea air off my lips…


a blue ship's door with the sign "F.K. BELLE MARLOWE"

F.K. Marlowe is a Shropshire lass who lived in London and Beijing before settling down with her husband, three daughters and rescue pup in Vancouver. She writes horror stories with a tendency to the paranormal, and Young Adult fiction with fangs and sass.

Marlowe doesn’t worry overly much about the placement of semi-colons and the like, having spent far too long pootling about in academia to take them seriously. (She has an Oxford first in English Lit, plus a Master’s and PhD from Leeds). She has, however, discovered that life is the best education for a writer, and plans to continue her studies there as long as possible.


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