Are you looking for a free kinky book about a woman’s sexual awakening?

Or perhaps a sci-fi mystery about a man who got more than he bargained for after playing a game on Reddit?

You now have three options:

  1. Leto Armitage
  2. Liam Armitage
  3. Why choose?

Leto Armitage: I specialize in raunchy sex and sweet romance. Can you ever get too much of either? I can’t. Click on my book below to subscribe for regular updates on my writing and all sorts of raunchy stuff that may tingle your tingly bits and scandalize your mother. This option may not be entirely safe for work, but it is delicious.

Liam Armitage: My evil doppelganger doesn’t write smut. He focuses on science fiction, fantasy, LitRPG, and weird fiction without any spicy content. Click on Liam’s book below to subscribe to his updates on writing, gaming, and other geeky stuff. This option is entirely safe for work.

Why choose? Buy One Get One Free: Yes, why choose when you can have it all? Stay on this page, enter your name in the Ship’s Log above, and get the best of both worlds.

Make your choice and come join us!

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