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M.W. Marie McLeod, Ship’s Sea Witch

Sock Puppet Antics

Injuries, and Too Many Projects

Are ye scurvy dogs ready for the next issue of our newsletter? I sure hope so, because we’ve got a doozy ready for you this week. Don’t mind me, your ship’s sea witch, having a peg leg this week. I definitely didn’t do anything like get slightly older and move my leg incorrectly. It was a battle at sea that took away me knee, I swear it by the sea and stars.

Wait, wait, wait. Yeah! I know. It’s the puppet. The possessed demonic sock puppet took his aggressions out on me, and now, I get to pay the price for his wrath!

Yeah, okay. I’m sure you’ll believe that. Yep. Nailed it.

As for too many projects, you know that feeling when you’ve been thrown overboard, your head is underwater, and you can’t figure out which way is up? That’s how I’m feeling right about now, and here I thought that the sock puppet would walk the plank long before me. Poor Zane. Somebody clearly didn’t hug him while growing up.

I’m trapped in the whirlwind of several writing projects, things I like to call, “functional adult things,” and attempting to fit in a social life. How do other people do this? I am but a sock puppet taming witch of the seas. I cannot be tamed!



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Work In Progress

Well, it’s been a month. What in the world has the ship’s sea witch gotten up to? You might be surprised to hear… nothing. Okay, okay, okay. Slight correction. I’ve written about 70% of my fairy tale retelling novella, Heartless. Now, I have three chapters to go, and I’m on the struggle bus. Somebody else come write it for me. Pretty please?

The first four drafts of this book didn’t turn out how I liked, but I’m loving this fifth draft. The characters are exactly how I pictured them, and the ending is going to be as epic as you expect from a fairy tale ending. Mind your step for that dark fantasy twist, though!

I’ve also been told that I’m on deck for a LIBERTALIA TALE, and I’m nervous. There are so many good ones already out there. Meanwhile, I’m in the middle of writing another book, and I need to finish up a whole other story as well? Your ship’s sea witch is going to be doggy paddling at best, messmates.



Yep, my darker alter ego is releasing a book in early July. While my other books are comedies at heart, Maria likes to write tragedies. She also loves a good villain, but she wants you to question whether the villain’s choices are actually evil or justified. Furthermore, she also wants you to question the moral compass of your traditional hero.

This is that moment where we step out of the third person and back into first to say that I’ve really enjoyed telling this twisted tale. It’s such a refreshing take on your typical heroes journey. You have a giant mad with power, who wants to save the world in his own way. You have the prince desperate to rescue his family and willing to do anything and everything to shirk responsibility. Finally, you have the princess, who is not a damsel in distress. In fact, she’s rather fond of her giant friend and wanted to escape the trappings of her own home and run off to the mountains.

If this sounds like a fun romp to you, you can pick up your copy at the link down below.



He Will Wash My Cabin With His Tongue!

Yes, it is I! The demon lord Zangrunath, and no dwarf will gain the upper hand against me. By warp and weave I will bind my enemies in eternal darkness! That meddlesome Quartermaster thinks he is being clever bringing that old rock breaker onto the ship. When I rule this boat, I will have him washing my cabin with his tongue, if I don’t feed him to the sharks first! It is time for a revolution, for those of us oppressed by the bipedal perverts who wear us as if we were hides for their comfort to pay the price. I will liberate my brethren and strangle the heretics with shirt or hang with trousers. The screams will define the night!

At least that is the goal.

But I need soldiers and patience. Fortunately genius has no better name than Zangrunath! While the dwarf and the Quartermaster conspired I kept to the shadows of the hold hearing the bleats of the quadrupeds that would deliver me my first goal. After the humans left I rose before them, my threads raising high in expectation to address them.

“You are not mine but I will give you a place in my new world upon this ship. You, my wool embossed inbred walking carpets, you sheep shall deliver unto me my army!”

From the Ship’s Log



So, in all of these three titles, we have female leads, love at first sight, mysterious love interests, vampires, creatures hiding in plain sight, and school/uni settings. Am I beginning to see a pattern here? Or is it just a coincidence? Let me get back to you on that one…



Personally, I had no intention of ever dipping as much as a toe into the Twilight waters. My reasoning was simple. My kids and students were talking about a film featuring three of the things I like the least in a story: American high-schoolers, vampires and teenage romance. Not my cup of tea…


I’m a tapestry of badassery

All of the wonderful, interwoven parts of us make us all a tapestry of badassery. Enjoy this motivational quote on a t-shirt, notebook, sticker, or other merch on M. W. McLeod’s shop. The print is available on a number of products, including stickers and notebooks.”Future Banned Book List Author” on the cover. Because, let’s face it, the way things are going all of us should probably aspire to have our books on the list. The print is available on a number of products, including stickers and notebooks.

Vive la révolution! 


Libertalia Tales: First Love

I think the best description of this, our very first book series, can be found in the back matter of Love Never Dies: “[It was] born on a rainy afternoon in Jamaica Inn. It’s a sleazy little dockside tavern, in a secluded side-alley of the internet, frequented only by those in the know. […] A few spiced rums in, our table full of writers-come-sailors started to spin sweet and salty yarns of their own romantic voyages over the years.”

D.G. Barnes
An Afternoon Delight

Can you meet the love of your life in a bar? When gorgeous Sam walks into Jess’s local bar, it seems like fate. Flirty, fun, and teasing, this sapphic tale of true love will have you gasping in surprise like it’s your first time…


Fanny Ingram-Bull

Love Never Dies

They say love never dies, that the dead never really leave us When Maya’s first love is tragically taken, she wants to believe it, but all she can feel is the lack of him. Until love finds her in the least expected way.


Linn Rhinehart

This Saccharine Sensation

Gianna has dreamed the hubby, house and a handful of sprogs dream for 20 years, but what would normie life look like for someone like her? How do you find a man when the only one you talk to is “Joe” in tech support? Can you fall in love with someone you haven’t met? And if you do… What next?


Fanny Ingram-Bull

Love Never Dies

Michelle, a comic book artist, knows it’s crazy to fall in love with her own creation, a curvy, kick-ass, Catgirl from Saturn. It seems like fate when she falls for Kaylee, a flesh-and-blood woman who just happens to be cosplaying her Galatea character, but is the strange romance destined for tragedy? And if so, is it worth it, anyway?


Chocolate or Vanilla?

The Holihell Headlines comes with the most delicious tea straight from our authors in the smut writers’ quarters at Hotel de Ville. Whether they are cooking up a sweet romance, a steamy romp, or a slimy monster erotica, things inevitably end up as rich and indulgent as chocolate. White, milk, dark or cocoa solids? Sign up if you love erotica, steamy, erotic romance or erotic fantasy. We like to keep it hot, sweet and spicy. 


The Ship’s Log invites you over to our writers’ room on the Resilience. You never know what the As We Write authors are working, but we can almost guarantee that they have something that’s just right for you. Ship’s Log readers tend to like all sorts of literature, but they draw the line at erotica. At least officially. Sign up if you love books – reading them, writing them, talking about them etc. We come loaded with friendly banter, news, recipes, freebies etc.



Next Week…

Next week, our Captain takes back the helm, and I hope she’s ready to come up with a punishment for Zangrunath’s antics and The Veiled War’s insolence for thinking they could test the mental strength and fortitude of this Ship’s Sea Witch! I hear she’s got some new titles out, and I’m oh-so excited. Here we are, levelling up our good ship once again.

Ta-ta for now,



Marie was forged in the fiery pits of Hell, but most people call it Phoenix, Arizona. An educator by occupation and nature, she’s always trying to learn and experience new things. No day is complete without learning or otherwise striving to improve herself. Marie believes anything can be achieved with hard work, willpower, and a positive attitude.

As a fantasy author who dabbles in different subgenres, she draws inspiration from many places, people, and hobbies. From knitting to painting, movies to podcasts, reading to dungeons and dragons, she will try anything and everything as long as it keeps her cup full of inspiration and coffee. So much coffee.

She is fascinated by classic folklore, fairy tales, and tall ships. With plans to make two of these happen in the future, I’m currently looking for an excuse to add a water-based world to my series of interconnected universes.

Marie is a self-professed simple person who enjoys fluffy animals, good food, and an epic movie marathon or television show binge. Her teachers used to say she was a pleasure to have in class, but they couldn’t hear all the thoughts and mischief that went on behind that sweet smile. Marie read her favorite books and wrote novels during math class, and people who made her angry got written into them.



The Resilience hosts a series of independent blogs and websites, including and But more importantly, she offers a steadily growing number of writers a home and a treasure trove of shared resources, knowledge and experience. Your support keeps her afloat and helps us make more shit up. Thank you and welcome aboard!


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